By Barrie Wheatley



Frank Bradley:            

Age 70 plus.  A widower of four years who lives alone in the old family house that is now in danger of going over the cliff edge.  An ex school teacher, he has recently begun to exhibit bizarre behaviour that is totally out of character for him.


Sara Bradley:            

Third child of Frank, single, a self employed artist who paints seascapes to sell on the internet –“next day delivery”.  She lives near her father, but has only really been concerned about his welfare since his stand against the council. 


Mike Bradley:            

Second child.  An IT consultant who lives with his wife and two children in Silicon Valley in the States


Jack Bradley:            

Youngest child, single, a professional actor presently touring in a low profile show for children. 


Rob Bradley:            

Eldest child.  A middle manager who lives in London with his wife and two children.