by Barrie Wheatley

Ghosts of Film Noir walk the old Monica Cinema, now the Piper Club, in this new play by Theatre On the Edge.

Philip, the night security guard at the Piper, whiles away his boring shifts by watching DVDs of Bogart and Bacall films.

Then one night his fantasy world is rudely interrupted by Eddie, a young burglar.

Free audio downloads of the play available in immersive sound-around with each ticket.


Stan Haywood - The Security Guard

Andy Feetom - The Intruder

Chris Gruca - Humphrey Bogart

Roni Dunleavy - Lauren Bacall


Stage Manager/Costumes/makeup - Lee Roberts

Sound - Tom Hopper of BigZoo

Lights - Jamie Wilks

Written and directed by Barrie Wheatley